Customers - government sphere

  • Transport Ministry (Public orders, consulting services)
  • Justice Ministry - Crimes Register (Tailored SW - crimes records register)
  • Labour Ministry (Transport software - information stands)
  • Prague City Council, Regional Operator of Prague Integrated Transport, Prague Public Transport Co. (Integrated passenger clearance system - MYPOL)
  • Ostrava City Council, Ostrava Public Transport Co. (Integrated passenger clearance system - MYPOL)
  • Transport Bureau of the Central Bohemia Region (Optimisation of transport service)

Commercial customers

  • Czech Railway Co. (AMSBUS, consulting)
  • Bohemia Ticket International Travel Service s. r. o. (Ticket booking and sales)
  • CESMAD Bohemia (TIR carnet processing system)
  • Most Coal Co. (On-board computer RUTATROL)
  • Association of organisations of persons with sight impairment (SONS) (Information stand SW, sponsoring)
  • Association of transport, hauler and service companies (ADSSS) (consulting, BUSportal)
  • Association of transport, hauler and service firms (ADSSF) (consulting, BUSportal)
  • Industry and Transport Union (consulting)
  • Central military hospital Stresovice (consulting, sponsoring)
  • University hospital Motol (consulting, sponsoring, tailored SW)
  • Jan Perner School of Transportation, University of Pardubice (consulting, sponsoring)
  • School of Technology of the Czech Agricultural University (consulting, sponsoring, AMBUS, information stand)
  • Czech Technical University - Faculty of Electrical Engineering (consulting, sponsoring)
  • School of Information Technologies of the University of Economics (consulting, sponsoring)
  • University of Zilina (consulting, sponsoring)
  • Secondary Vocational School of Transportation Prague (consulting, sponsoring)

AMSBUS customers

  • Tourbus s. r. o. - coach terminal Brno (AMSBUS seller)
  • CSAD Ostrava a.s. - coach terminal Ostrava (AMSBUS seller)
  • CSAD Liberec - coach terminal Liberec (AMSBUS seller)
  • SAD Bratislava a.s. - coach terminal Bratislava (AMSBUS seller)
  • SATUR Travel a.s. (AMSBUS seller)
  • Connex Praha, s. r. o. (AMSBUS carrier)
  • TURISMO Frantisek Hejnal (AMSBUS carrier)
  • Public Transport Co. of the Usti Region (AMSBUS carrier)
  • SAD Presov a.s. (AMSBUS carrier)
  • TURANCAR Bus Lines Viliam Turan (AMSBUS carrier)
  • and others


  • CSAD BUS Kladno a.s.
  • CSAD MHD Kladno a.s.
  • TRADO BUS s. r. o.
  • TRADO MAD s. r. o.
  • and others

ADONIS customers

  • ANEXIA s.r.o.
  • Connex Prague, s.r.o.
  • WESTTRANSPORT Pilsen a.s.
  • J & L, s.r.o.
  • Public Transport Co. Carlsbad
  • and others


  • APEX spol.r.o. (MYPOL public order, information stand)
  • Mikroelektronika, spol. s r.o. (MYPOL public order, clearance machines - servicing)
  • JKZ s.r.o. (MYPOL public order)
  • CHAPS spol. s r.o. (Government orders, information stand)
  • Czech Consult spol. s r.o. (Government orders)


  • IBM Czech Republic (computer technologies)
  • NCR Czech Republic (computer technologies)
  • DELL computer, spol. s r.o. (computer technologies)
  • Infos Art s.r.o. (information stand)
  • POWER products s.r.o. (information stand)
  • TRANiS s.r.o. (ADONIS)
  • COMPAREX CZ s.r.o. (computer technologies)