Information stand

10 years of successful use

The self-service travel information stands have been in public service at frequented places in Prague and other cities, as well as at selected underground stations, at the coach terminal Prague-Florenc, universities (Czech Agricultural University) and labour offices under the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs. They have been installed at coach terminals in Decin, Chomutov, Beroun, Opava, Jihlava and Pelhrimov as well as at other significant transport nodes. The stands have also been installed at labour offices under the Labour Ministry as a part of self-service information systems of the labour offices. Further installations of stands newly equipped for use by persons with impaired vision will follow shortly.

Possible utilisation

The stand is highly suitable especially for big commuter nodes, where various types of intra- and intercity transport interconnect with high numbers of linked services, where prompt and reliable passenger information is essential ? e.g. in various information bureaus. The self-service information stand can be used to provide travel information as well as assist in finding suitable accommodation, restaurants, etc., at the destinations. The presentation can include purely advertising displays, with it being possible to install an advertisement on extensions above the stand, helping to finance the operation of the equipment.

Software equipment

The software contains travel information from any combinations of up to six electronic timetable systems:

  • Coach timetables for the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic
  • Train timetables for the Czech Republic and Europe
  • Czech Airlines timetables
  • Intracity timetables

Timetables are acquired from CHAPS spol. s r. o., which also guarantees the reliability of the data. Carriers update their respective data via an Internet interface.