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Tailored application software

We can offer solutions in this area that are extremely specialised, and which cannot be used in any general way. Our company provides comprehensive services, beginning with the initial analysis of the given issue to the realisation of the project with the author?s supervision as well as technological and system support.

Besides projects specified in the chapter "Consulting", we have implemented a comprehensive information system for the processing of criminal records of the Crimes Register of the Czech Republic. The project comprises two systems, one for the acquisition of data from criminal records, the other for the seeking of information for the purposes of excerpts and transcripts from the Crimes Register with all supporting agendas.

A significant delivery made to order was a project for the haulers association CESMAD Bohemia. This client received a comprehensive information system, including, besides other aspects, a module for the processing of TIR carnets, the distribution of hauling permissions and other sub-systems, including a link to the General Customs Directorate. The system was operated across the Czech Republic on nine database servers and 60 terminals until the end of 2004, when it lost its purpose with the accession of the Czech Republic into the EU.

The company has also delivered projects for the medical sphere, e.g. for the First Children?s Clinic of the Motol Hospital, for the densitometry and endoscopy wards, including the application of mathematical and statistical methods.