Services offered

Besides the above core projects, the company can offer its specialists for the purposes of the co-ordination of other projects concerning applications of information technologies, not only in the sphere of transportation. In more than 29 years in the area of IT, we have acquired the necessary experience in other related fields, including with regard to related legal issues. We can therefore either supplement other projects teams or create our own teams to manage extensive projects, in co-operation with our tried and tested, reliable partners. Good orientation and knowledge of the environment of interest groups in road transport as well as government circles and the reputation of our company are further preconditions securing the high quality of our services.

Government projects

  • Development of CARDS EXCHANGE, SPADO - chief investigator, in co-operation with CHAPS

    An order from the Regional Office of the Central Bohemian Region "Implementation of continuous maintainance and proper function of hardware and software support for the SPADO application and clearing centre of the Central Bohemian Region"

    The matter of the project is the next development and propagation of the clearing system and exercise and development of the SPADO application as a tool for traffic optimizing.

  • Implementing of The Central Bohemian Integrated Transport System (CIT) - chief investigator, in co-operation with UDI Morava Ltd.

    An order from the Regional Office of the Central Bohemian Region "Consultant services for successive implementation of CIT proposal"

    The matter of the project is consultancy at preparation of involvement of selected districts, significant city transports and traffic systems to CIT.

  • IDS - co-operation with Czech Consult Ltd.

    An order from the Ministry of Transport "Integrated transport systems - information systems for public administration decision-making support for the development and operation of the integrated transport system in the Czech Republic"

    The purpose of the project is to improve the extent, collection, processing, storage and use of transport data, resulting in the improved quality of the individual organisers of integrated transport systems, the ensuring of standard transport data and the development of standards for the development of information systems.

  • "Clearance and clearing system CARDS EXCHANGE based on contact-less smart cards"

    Developed with the support from the European Union CONNECT programme:

    The project enables to reload and accept smart cards for payments of coach fares, i.e. electronic wallets, among different carriers – card issuers, by precise registration and accounting of all reciprocal liabilities.

    Issuing and use of such cards is governed by Act No. 124/2002 of the Collection of Laws. The system requires the passport of the Czech National Bank for the issuing of electronic means of payment and contractual provisions among clearing system partners. CSAD SVT Prague provides significant support in this area thanks to its extensive pool of experience.

  • Information stands, an order from the European Union under the CONNECT programme:

    "Self-service information stand with travel applications for persons with impaired sight"

    It is an acoustic, orientation and information system based on unified frequency in accordance with requirements from the Unified organisation of persons with impaired vision. As a multilingual system it can now serve foreign tourists visiting the Czech Republic and seeking information.