Entering the system

Before entering the CARDS EXCHANGE clearing system, several conditions must be met, which can be divided into several groups, specified below:

  • technical conditions
  • contractual (commercial) conditions

The entry takes place in the following steps:

  • approval of the group administrator
  • SVT forwards all necessary contractual documentation
  • completion of the installation stage (namely mastering the operation of the clearing system and all related processes)
  • approved application with the Czech National Bank and signed contract with ČSAD SVT Praha, s.r.o. on participation in the clearing system (indirectly conditioned with the signing of the acceptance and clearing agreements with other entities in the group) are the conditions for inclusion of the applicant in actual operations of the clearing system in the selected group.

Technical conditions

Carrier equipment required for participation in the clearing system:

  • suitable clearance devices (e.g. USV Mikroelektronika, EMTEST)
  • smart cards of the specified format if the carrier intends to issue its own cards (cards must be compatible within the selected group)
  • suitable equipment for the issuing and charging of smart cards, i.e. a PC workstation with suitable SW installed, equipment for the recording of data into smart cards and smart card printers
  • SW for data collection from clearance devices and conversion of the data into the CARDS EXCHANGE clearing centre format
  • connection to the Internet (required for communication with the CARDS EXCHANGE clearing system)

Contractual (commercial) conditions

Contractual (commercial) conditions can be divided into three groups:

  • application to the Czech National Bank concerning the approval for the issuing of electronic monetary means
  • agreements on the acceptance of electronic wallets and money transfer agreements for the purposes of the recharging of electronic wallets, concluded with other partners in the group
  • contract with ČSAD SVT Praha, s.r.o. on the use of the CARDS EXCHANGE clearing system