Before you contact us with your particular enquiry, look at the following frequently asked questions.

Frequently asked questions

Question: When does your service go to XYZ?
Answer: SVT is not a carrier and goes nowhere; the company only sells tickets on behalf of approximately 250 carriers.
Question: At what time does the service from ABC to XYZ leave?
Answer: You can look up service here or use the fee call to 900119044, 900144444 or 900149094
Question: I forgot my umbrella on the coach; I wish to praise/complain about the driver
Answer: You can find the business name and address of the carrier on your ticket, purchased either in advance or on the coach, it is also indicated on the vehicle, and on every timetable; it can be found in the CIS JR system. The CIS JR and the timetables also indicate phone numbers.
Question: What should I know when I come to buy my ticket?
Answer: Only from where, where and when you want to travel.
Question: I have found my service by means of CIS JR on the Internet but the cashier cannot find the same on his computer.
  1. The CIS JR might have given you a transfer connection service but the cashier is selling only tickets for individual segments of your travel. You must indicate the points of transfer and estimate whether you have enough time to switch between the individual services.
  2. If the particular service in the CIS JR is marked with the AMSBUS logo, it still does not guarantee availability of reservations from all stations and to all stations. This is determined by the carrier and is usually indicated in the notes to the timetable - available along with the particular service within the CIS JR system.
Question: How long in advance can I purchase a ticket?
Answer: It is 30 to 90 days for international services, and 10 to 30 days prior to the date of departure for a domestic line.
Question: Can I book a ticket?
Answer: Tickets can be booked through the eAMSBUS system. Attention: there are different terms for different services, when tickets can be booked.
Question: How much is a ticket from ABC to XYZ?
Answer: You can get this information from the AMSBUS cashier prior to purchase or while booking of seats in the eAMSBUS system.

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