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Conditions of advance-sale

  1. The conditions of advance-sale including reservation of seats on coaches as specified below form an integral part of the transport contract concluded between the traveller and the particular operator of the service (hereinafter referred to as the carrier). By purchasing a ticket in an AMSBUS sales-point or through the AMSBUS system on the Internet, the traveller agrees to the following conditions.
  2. The ticket must be paid for at the time of sale in a manner specified by the carrier.
  3. The ticket serves as a proof of the conclusion of the transport contract between the traveller and the carrier. The traveller receives their ticket after paying the corresponding price and shall check the correctness of all information on the ticket upon receipt. Subsequent claims shall be disregarded. Travellers will be transported upon the presentation of a valid ticket when boarding the service. The ticket must be retained for the duration of the travel for purposes of ticket inspection and must be produced upon request.
  4. The ticket is valid for travel between the stations indicated on the ticket. With the exception of an OPEN ticket, all tickets are valid only for services within the date and time specified on the ticket.
  5. OPEN tickets must be used before the date of expiry specified on the ticket. OPEN ticket holders are not entitled to a seat on fully occupied services.
  6. Arrivals and departures specified on tickets are in local time.
  7. Tickets bearing the name and/or passport number of the traveller are non-transferable.
  8. Travellers must arrive at the point of departure sufficiently in advance in order to facilitate the timely deposition of luggage and seating on the service by the time of the scheduled departure, unless the carrier specifies otherwise.
  9. Should the traveller be prevented from continuing their journey due to customs or passport issues, they shall forfeit the right to receive transport services and the fare without compensation.
  10. No compensation is provided for damaged, destroyed, lost or stolen tickets.
  11. Tickets may be returned during the opening hours of the sales points at times and subject to deductions specified on the ticket.
  12. Some types of tickets allow for a change of the date and time of departure with deductions smaller than in the case of ticket returns.
  13. The scope and conditions for the transportation of luggage and live animals are specified by the carriers.
  14. If the passenger did not use a ticket due to bus cancellation or due to at least 30 minutes departure delay he/she is entitled to a full repayment of the fare.
  15. Duties of the seller towards the traveller are fulfilled upon the issuing of the ticket at an AMSBUS sales point or the recovery thereof from the traveller. The transport itself is the responsibility of the carrier. All complaints, claims for refunds, etc., shall be addressed directly to the relevant carrier.
  16. Rights and liabilities of the traveller ensuing from the transport contract are specified in detail in the transport regulations, issued in accordance with Section 18b of the Road Transport Act No. 111/1994 of the Collection of Laws, as amended, by the Transport Ministry. Carriers may specify certain conditions of transport differently from the transport regulations in accordance with the above act.