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Sellers' liabilities

Sellers shall in particular:

  1. Remit revenue from sales no later than 5 working days after the expiration of the billing period (usually one week)
  2. Offer to customers the complete range of services included in the AMSBUS system without any prioritising or limiting of any carriers
  3. Enable travellers to return tickets issued by the AMSBUS system within a period specified by the relevant carrier; class I tickets (international) may be returned to the same seller who made the sale
  4. Check the entitlement of travellers to discounts
  5. Giver due care to the issuing and checking of AMSBUS corrective vouchers (cancellations, returned ticket receipts, complaints, accident reports) and deliver these no later than the following day after the expiration of the weekly period to the system operator as a part of the documentation for central accounting.