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For sellers

By participating in the AMSBUS system sellers acquire the chance to sell tickets for more than 3000 regular coach services of approximately 250 carriers across Europe. Sellers enter into a contract with the system operator only, who ensures weekly statements of accounts including the remitting of revenue to all carriers. The provision of statistical overviews is a matter of course.

The operator provides to sellers all necessary assistance from supplies of necessary technological equipment and installation of software, to user training and hot-line assistance for the duration of the system operation.

Conditions of participation of sellers in the AMSBUS system:

  • Conclusion of a mandate agreement on the provision of AMSBUS advance-sale services with the following options:
    • A commercial contract with an agreed monthly lump sum and a fee for the installation of the workplace and user training. Sellers then receive the agreed commission.
    • Non-commercial contract without the commission and no initial and monthly costs (suitable for libraries, information centres, etc.)
  • Technical requirements: PC workstation with Internet connectivity and an approved printer for the printing of coach tickets
  • New sellers receive a user name and a login password for access to the sales application and statistical overviews over the Internet
  • Ticket forms, corrective vouchers and occupancy charts must be ordered in advance.