Česká verze

Carrier outputs

The AMSBUS system is open to all carriers in the Czech Republic and abroad, who operate regular coach services. Carriers submit current timetables and pricelists. Carriers enter into a single contractual relationship with the system operator only. The system operator provides a weekly balance of accounts, including the remitting of revenue to the carriers? accounts. Statistical overviews and other data are readily available, e.g. information on student fares, etc.

All statistical overviews are available using the assigned user name and login password.

Overviews can be generated as follows:

By carrier code:

  1. Revenues by services and connections
  2. RozRevenues by days
  3. Statistics of corrective receipts
  4. Transaction sets in the XML format for grant claims

By carrier business registration number:

  1. Overviews of transport performances and sales by months
  2. Overviews of transport performances and sales by decades

At the end of every month, carriers receive the following summary:

  1. Monthly invoicing of the contractual price billed by the system operator
  2. Overview of transport performances and sales
  3. Returned, cancelled and claimed tickets along with correction vouchers issued by the AMSBUS system for the carrier