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AMSBUS is an advance-sale, booking and dispatching system for coach travel. It is a tried and tested transport system encompassing a network of sales points across the Czech and Slovak Republics, offering access to an extensive range of domestic and international services.

Available travel services

The system currently embraces the services of 250 coach operators from the Czech and Slovak Republics, offering more than 3000 services to travellers, both within the two countries and across Europe. The system serves more than 2 million customers per year. The numbers of users continue to grow.

E-shop, Internet booking

This system enables travellers to book tickets and order delivery over the Internet (www.e-jizdenka.cz). It also enables carriers to book seats in accordance with specified parameters, with an indication on a vacancy chart and the payment of the balance on the coach.

Single contract, simplification of financial flows

System participants (operators and dealers) enter into a single contractual relationship with the system operator, who assumes responsibility for all financial transactions as well as updating of all data.

Financial guarantees, statistical overviews

The operator guarantees the correctness and timeliness of all financial flows between carriers and dealers, with regular weekly balances, and the remitting of revenue, including detailed statistical overviews and data on system activities accessible at the Internet interface stat.amsbus.cz to authorised system users only. Data on students' fares are forwarded within the system directly to CHAPS (CIS shell module) as a basis for a state subsidy.

Comprehensive service

Specialists of the company provide comprehensive services to all customers through the hot-line service daily from 5:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. They provide installation services, connection of workplaces, user training as well as equipment supplies.

Data updating

Carriers submit to the system operator current price lists and timetables; the possibility of the operative inclusion of new international and domestic services is a matter of course. Using the dispatching management application, carriers can update selected service data on-line.

Service availability

The sales network connects approximately 200 offices in all the larger centres of tourist interest across the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic. The network offers easy accessibility for customers, the purchase of the full range of tickets, commuter services and return fares.

Dispatch management

Dispatch management with an immediate overview of ticket sales on individual services as well as other functions available over the Internet enables dispatchers to strengthen service operatively, to view information on the economy of service, and on booked and vacant seats and to use other functions increasing the comfort for carriers.

25 years of experience

AMS (currently called AMSBUS) was the first on-line computer system in operation in Central and Eastern Europe. It currently employs the most up-to-date communication technologies as well as database and operation systems. The AMSBUS system has been designed with an open architecture, offering a broad range of alternatives with an individual approach to every customer.